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By the time one finishes reading this penetrating book of history, politics, and public health, the very real COVID-19 crisis of 2020 becomes a metaphor for China’s quest for hegemony. Helen Raleigh shows how Communist China, like the virus that began there, has spread its influence aggressively around the world. She concludes, however, that the Chinese aggression has backfired,  as much of the rest of the world, especially the more powerful nations like the United States, though initially caught off guard, have begun a backlash against China’s aggression and its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It behooves every thinking American to read this book to get a better understanding of China’s place in the world and its ambitions and strategies to achieve them.

Confucius Never Said is a must read for anyone who wants a better America for their posterity. This award-winning book is a four-generation of my own family journey from repression and poverty in China to freedom and prosperity in the United States.


Our lives overlap with many significant historical events taking place in China, such as the founding of Communist China in 1949, the Great Chinese Famine from 1958-1960, the Cultural Revolution from 1966-1976 and the Economic Reform starting from 1980.


In this book, I recount the enormous suffering my family had to endure under Communist China’s radical social experiment. In summary, this book is about freedom-and about what happens when we let people take our freedom away.

At only 66 pages, this book is a short but sweet read. It is not a book about how to pick a stock or a bond, but rather about helping average investors understand that the only barrier standing between them and their ultimate wealth and happiness are themselves–or more accurately, their own behaviors.


If more investors can learn from the Zen masters through the timeless Zen stories and philosophy, many can achieve financial security and inner peace, and live happily ever after.

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